Saturday, December 22, 2012

Go Mulu !


Is a very nice place to go and enjoy
But...must keep yourself fit
You have to walk...climb up...climb down
All needs energy!

Again...we went there for medical trip
But using our persatuan money...not government money!
 However we do see a lot of patient in few places

At the same time went for caves??? . i did not 
I just went for canopy skywalk
kayaking along the river to Long Iman

then sleep....tired

how to go

only by MASwing from Kuching or Miri
Twice a day to Mulu
MASwing Twin otter - pintunya di belakang. Mesti timbang berat badan dan semua luggage

Place to stay

Mulu resort run by Marriot soon
now on major decoration

Mulu Park
its inside the Park itself
Cheaper than Mulu resort but always full 

multiple home stay


quite difficult for muslim
only few restaurant is airport, Mulu Resort and the restaurant in the park
Outside....i don't know
According to staff in Mulu clinic...thats only halal restaurant

Of course food is expensive at the park and ....lousy? i don't know. Don't  expect too much. You are not coming to eat. Bring a lot of maggie met and cane food and junk food if you are a good eater.


Nice road (tar) from airport to Mulu resort and Mulu Park
the rest is jalan batu

got transportation (van) RM 5-6 per person

How many days to stay..

2-3 days enough if you want to cover the common caves and waterfall
if you want to climb more difficult one stay longer

A lot of  tourist guide under the Mulu Park and every trip has few people but need to book first
You have to pay for enterance  fee that last for 5 days at 12 midnight then different fees for any chosen trip you want. The officer in Mulu Park are very helpful and professional. As its has alot of international tourist.


My most problems
Very clean in the park
keep your bladder empty...while climbing the cave
happy moment on arrival at Mulu airport

inside the airport

outside many van waiting

Putting our luggage in the Mulu Resort' van. On the left was our transport to Resort

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