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the problems with women according to math formula

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fake egg from china

First need to creat:
1. Egg white
2. Egg yolk
3. Shell

Preparation an egg white:

Egg white - just add some gelatin, some powder, benzoic acid, coagulating material, alum

Preparation of an egg yolk:

Egg yolk – some lemon-yellow colouring powder mixed to a liquid and stirred. Poured into round shaped plastic mould and mixed with ‘magic water’ that contains calcium chloride.

Preparation of the shell:

Shell – prepared frim paraffin wax and white liquid are poured onto fake egg, then left to dry
Then artificial egg are fried under the sun or steamed.

The result: which one is real?

The exact recepi of making an fake egg

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

human trafficking issue


1. As a source and transit for women and children for commercial exploitation, and forced labour either willingly or illegal.

2. Migrant workers are victimized by their employer/ agents/traffickers. Work more than 14-18 hours a day. No weekend rest. Passport held by the employer. No payment for the first 3 month but was paid to the agent. This are the MOU signed between Malaysia and Indonesian government.

3. Immigrant came for work and already paid some money but forced into prostitution after entering Malaysia. This involved traffickers, agent, employer.

4. If these people are caught and found as illegal immigrant, there will be depot to a detention place and send home immediately. No investigation done why they came here, who were involved, were they was exploited sexually or as forced labour. So no body will be caught.

5. Government enforcement are not very effective. Even the immigration director general and his deputy were arrested for graft and corruption involving the visas and visitation passes.

6. All of these showed that Malaysian achievement against human trafficking issue has reached not even minimal standard required by the USA.

: Malaysia is a Islamic country and most of the people are Muslim but we are still below bar in enforcing this human trafficking problems. NOTES: Arab Saudi also included by the USA

Pic below: A Malaysian policeman checks passports of migrant workers

Pic below: This is the picture that re-emerges from preliminary estimates in an on-going church study which indicate that there are somewhere between 30,000 and 32,000 trafficked persons in Sabah alone based on the official figures of 600,000 to 800,000 migrant workers in the state

Pic below: JOHOR BARU: Police may set up a special team to investigate the use of Pengerang by syndicates as the entry and exit point for illegal immigrants. Johor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said

Pic below: Hla Myat Thu was one of a large group of Burmese nationals who took what she thought was a good and promising job last November: about $140 a month to work at the Japanese Konica Company in Malacca, Malaysia, a couple hours outside Kuala Lumpur. However, after they arrived in Malaysia and worked for a month, they were told there were no more jobs as the company was laying off employees and possibly would shut down later. The agents told Hla Myat Thu and her friends that they would have to pay about $1000 a piece to be allowed to return to Burma. Otherwise, they would have to stay in Malaysia and work for a fraction of what they were promised

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

iran, ahmadinejad dan Mousavi

Pilihanraya Iran sudah habis dengan Ahmadinejad mengekalkan jawatan presidennya. Namun di mana-mana Negara demokrasi tak semua orang berpuas hati dengan keputusannya. Mana-mana penyokong yang kalah akan memprotes. Yang menang bergembira.
Pertandingan ini antara 4 orang Ahmadinejad( conservative – what the Western say), Mousavi ( moderator) and the other 2 non popular person.

Ahmadinejad mendapat sokongan meluas dari luar Bandar, manakala Mousavi mendapat sokongan dari orang Bandar, student dan ahli perniagaan. Why??? Tak tau pulak.
Apa-apa pun kuasa sebenar Iran adalah Perdana Menteri iaitu Ayatollah Khamenei. Beliau menjaga dasar luar, pertahanan, kewangan. Manakala kuasa presiden hanyalah kecil. Kuasa perdana menteri adalah sehingga dia mati. Hanya presiden yang dipertandingkan. Apa apa keputusan presiden perlu mendapat kebenaran Perdana Menteri. So, kenapa nak bising2.

Kenapa Western tak setuju Ahmadinejad menang???

Kalau search Internet, semua blog/new menentang Ahmadinejad. Dalam beratus-ratus blog, hanya satu dua je yang sokong Ahmadinejad.

1. Ahmadinejad dengan berani dan lantang menentang USA and Israel. Mana ada pemimpin Negara Islam yang seberani itu. Negara bukan Islam pun yang lantang menentang USA teruk kena sekatan. Contohnya Korea Utara, China, Cuba, Venezuala.

2. USA tak berani nak serang Iran, dia tak pasti kekuatan Iran. Macam Saddam Hussin, dia dah tau Sadam Hussin tak ada senjata special. Dia tak tau setakat mana kekuatan nuclear Iran. So, cara dia nak memburuk-buruk kan iran adalah dengan mengatakan Iran terlalu keras dalam menjalankan suruhan-suruhan Islam. Sewajarnya tidak patut sesiapa mempersoalkan suruhan Allah memakai tudung, tidak boleh bekerja tanpa izin suami etc. sampaikan umat islam sendiri turut goyah iman kerana mempercayai kata-kata orang bukan Islam ini.

Namun, di sudut lain kenapa Ahmadinejad tidak patut menjadi presiden.

1. Ahmadinejad adalah syiah dan Iran mengamalkan ajarah syiah. Manakala ajaran sunni dianaktirikan. Banyak laporan mengatakan beliau mencederakan dan membunuh umat sunni.

Kenapa Mousavi tak patut jadi presiden:

1. Beliau kata beliau lebih sukakan perbincangan dan setuju untuk berbincang dengan USA atas segala segi. Tapi cuba tengok Palestine, presidennya Mahmud Abbas juga berbincang. Tengok hasilnya. Masih berbincang macamana nak berbincang…

Perkara perkara yang akan diteruskan jika Mousavi menjadi presiden:

1. Program nuclear

2. Tidak akan lantang menentang USA dan Israel tapi berbincang saje. Basically beliau masih menentang USA dan Israel kerana kuasa adalah di bawah Ayatolla Kheimeni.

Rujukan : various blog and news

Supreme leader of Iran : Ayatollah Khamenei

Mir Hussain Mousavi

Imej Ahmadinejad yang menjadi kesukaan Muslim di luar Iran

Bayangkan jika pemimpin kita juga begini

Tempat-tempat menarik di Iran


Wall Street of Tehran

Masjid Balal, Tehran

Azadi Tower

Earthquake in Bam Dec 28 2008

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ethnic cleansing activity permitted by USA

ethnic cleansing in Palestine

ethnic cleansing in Darfur

ethnic cleansing in Iraq

ethnic cleansing in Kosovo

ethnic cleansing in Kurdish

Because Turkey is a U.S. ally, the United States not only accepted the Turkish regime's brutal repression of the Kurdish minority (another conflict in which casualties have been much greater than those in Kosovo) but actively aided Ankara by helping apprehend the Kurdish leader Mohamad Ocalan

ethnic cleansing in Rwanda

Although the recent case of genocide in Rwanda claimed the lives of almost a million people, dwarfing the number killed in the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, the United States did not intervene. Moreover, the United States regularly, if tacitly, accepts brutal conduct by other regimes against their own people if it coincides with perceived U.S. interests.

ethnic cleansing in Crothia

In the Krajina region of Croatia,1991 the United States tacitly accepted Croatia's ethnic cleansing of 300,000 Serbs because the killing weakened the Serb position in that country and in neighboring Bosnia

ethnic cleansing in chechen

The United States tacitly accepted Russia's attempt to brutally suppress the Chechen rebellion because of fears that Russia would disintegrate if other minority groups imitated the Chechens