Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ethnic cleansing activity permitted by USA

ethnic cleansing in Palestine

ethnic cleansing in Darfur

ethnic cleansing in Iraq

ethnic cleansing in Kosovo

ethnic cleansing in Kurdish

Because Turkey is a U.S. ally, the United States not only accepted the Turkish regime's brutal repression of the Kurdish minority (another conflict in which casualties have been much greater than those in Kosovo) but actively aided Ankara by helping apprehend the Kurdish leader Mohamad Ocalan

ethnic cleansing in Rwanda

Although the recent case of genocide in Rwanda claimed the lives of almost a million people, dwarfing the number killed in the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, the United States did not intervene. Moreover, the United States regularly, if tacitly, accepts brutal conduct by other regimes against their own people if it coincides with perceived U.S. interests.

ethnic cleansing in Crothia

In the Krajina region of Croatia,1991 the United States tacitly accepted Croatia's ethnic cleansing of 300,000 Serbs because the killing weakened the Serb position in that country and in neighboring Bosnia

ethnic cleansing in chechen

The United States tacitly accepted Russia's attempt to brutally suppress the Chechen rebellion because of fears that Russia would disintegrate if other minority groups imitated the Chechens

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