Sunday, December 23, 2012

Go Mulu ! canopy skywalk Mulu National Park

Masih terfikir fikir samada nak pergi cave atau canopywalk.
Bukan apa gua ni kan tempat jin bertendang. 
Walaupun ramai yang pergi, ada juga yang tak bernasib baikkan.
Lagipun saya penakut sikit nak panjat panjat tebing....gayat

Kalau nanti nak pergi toilet macamana?
Bukannya ada toilet dalam gua tu
Canopywalk paling lama 45 minit je 

nak ke gua tu ada 2 gua kena pergi same time, takes 3 hours!

Kesimpulannya pergi canopywalk je
Kata gayat tadi!

Antara duanya, saya lebih ke canopywalk...ada tangga dan pagar.
Gua mana ada!

Entrance to Mulu Park dah start dengan jambatan gantung
Mula mula sampai dah naik jambatan gantung. Bergoyang-goyang...
Scary..its just the beginning

we registered to the Mulu park office. Actually you have to make a booking date before you joining the tour because they only take maximum people like 15 for canopy walk and somewhere around 20+ for caves. but they have many groups that started at different time. so if not in peak season no rush.

we paid for entrance fee RM 15 lasted for 5 days has to be wear like bangle on our wrist. Then another RM 35 for canopy tour.

Of course foreigner has to pay higher.
Different tour with guide has different fees

Only certain tour has without waterfall
You have to follow the guide for your own safety

Because its really a jungle inside. If you lost....

To protect the plant, we have to walk on the wooden pathway whenever available.
I make sure i did not step on the ground...mana tau ada makhluk halus tinggal di situ.

Infront the Park office
All the tour guide are locals mostly who are very fluent in English. The private local guide not employed by the Park but must registered with the Park are taking oversea people depends on their travel agent. They only bring probably 1 or 2 couples of foreign tourist. The pay of course very very  expensive.

Toilet..its clean inside but...western style. tak ada paip air kat dalam toilet

Nice garden in front the office. Far sight are the chalet

Now...can we start our journey to canopy skywalk....

This is the single bungalow in the Park. Quite cheap compare to Royal Mulu. They don't have modern facilities means no aircond. Only fan. Hot water?? not sure

I think this one with semi-D rooms

You have to cross this nice chalet before going to the jungle. Thats why i show this photo. Ok lets walk....

Sambung lagi....

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  1. cantiknya..tapi hati2, jangan sampai ditegur orang halus..sebab laluan tu nampak seram,