Saturday, December 22, 2012

Go Mulu ! Royal Mulu Resort

This was the room i stayed. Roomy, cold, multiple channel TV.
 Royal Mulu resort is made from a wood and about 3 meters above the ground. Surrounded by multiple old wooden tree. In front of the Mulu Resort is the River of Melinau. We have to cross the bridge since the resort is situated on the other side of river. The Jeti in front of the resort can connect you everywhere including to Mulu Park.

Infront of my room
 Very quite place
Probably because most of the room still close for renovation
At this time also is not peak season

Each room are connected by the wooden bridge. Walk slowly ....


Its there...the squirrel

Nice tree 

 Every night during dinner, the resort prepared a local dance
What surprised us was, the dancer are the same person who serve you during breakfast!
They also the one who will come to your room if you need them

Those who want to work here must know multiple task! Waiter...Serviceman....cleaner...and dancer
The show during sunday night will be more people involve and more dance

These people are beautiful

Too concentrate

After the dance is the photo session with the dancer
Cost per room....reasonable.
Don't forget to bring extra food if you need extra snack. Its not because expensive but because its not easily available here.
Tidak ada kedai runcit kat sini


  1. semuanya nampak bersih, gambar akhir ni macam lukisan, terlalu seni utk.dinikmati.Terimakasih kerana berkongsi.