Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

1. Mild
You may experience:
- Abdominal bloating and feeling of fullness
- Nausea
- Diarrhea
- Slight weight gain

This may be due to:
- Ovaries are larger than normal, tender and fragile
- High level so estrogen (E2) and progesterone in the bloodstream may upset your digestive system and fluid balance causing bloating

Recommended treatment:
- Avoid sexual intercourse
- Do not have a vaginal (pelvic) exam other than by one of our physicians
- Reduce activities, no heavy lifting, straining or exercise
- Drink clear fluids, flat coke, ginger ale, cranberry juice, Gatorade or Ensure

2. Moderate
You may also experience:
- Weight gain of greater than 2 lbs. per day (excessive weight gain)
- Increased abdominal measurement causing clothes to feel tight
- Vomiting & diarrhea
- Urine is darker and amount is less
- Skin/hair may feel dry
- Thirst

This may be due to:
- High levels of hormones in the bloodstream upset the digestive system
- Fluid imbalance causes dehydration because body fluids collect in the abdomen and other tissues
- This fluid collection causes severe bloating

Recommended treatment:
As noted above plus:
- Call our nurses
- You may need to be seen by a physician who will do an ultrasound
- Record your weight twice daily
- Record the number of times you urinate each day
- Contact our office if you note a five pound weight gain over the previous 24 hours, note a drop in the frequency of urination (~50%), or increasing pelvic pain

3. severe
You may also experience:
- Fullness/bloating up above the belly button
- Shortness of breath
- Urination has reduced or stopped and become darker
- Calf pains and chest pains
- Marked abdominal bloating or distention
- Lower abdominal pain

This may be due to:
- Extremely large ovaries
- Fluid collects in lungs and/or abdominal cavity, as well as in tissues
- The risk of abnormal blood clotting increases

Recommended treatment:
As noted above plus:

- You may need to be assessed at the hospital
- Excess fluid may need to be removed from your abdominal cavity

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