Friday, November 26, 2010


The coldest town in north pole is Verkhoyansk situated on the bank of Yana River in Russian republic of Yakutia. The minimum temperature recoded was -90.4 F in January 15 1885. However south pole is much colder -127 F near the Russian Antartic station of Vostoc, also belong to Russia territory.
In summer the temperature of Verkhoyansk is as high as 104 F giving a range of 194 degrees. The west of Siberia is covered by a swampy plain, the central plateau is heavily forested and the east has mountains soaring to above 3 000 meters.

Siberian Tiger also known as Amor and the Ussuri tiger. Its the bigest tiger followed by Bengal Tiger in India. Today this tiger only can be found in Eastern Siberia and is a protected species. Now left with less than 500 species.

The fur is more thicker in winter. In summer its about 15-16mm long and in winter can go up to 90-115mm, thicker at occiput and upper neck. Weight can go up to 240kg. Compare to Bengal tiger the Siberian tiger is taller at the shoulder by 5-10cm. Tail length up to 1 meter.

Siberian tiger is the dominant predator. THey hunt larger mammals like deer, wild boar, cattle and goats.
They mate any time of the year. Sign of female receptiveness by placing urine deposit or scratch at the tree. Gestation only for 3-4 months. The baby feeding by the mother for 2 months and then it can live alone..

In 1986, Chinese goverment established the world largest Siberian tiger breeding "Heilongjiang Northeast Tiger Forest Park founding with 8 tigers.

The park in December 2006 now having a populating exceeding 750.

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