Thursday, November 18, 2010


Suzzane Tamin
Mr Moustafa

She was famous after showing up in Arabic talent show. She was said to have an affair with elite Egypt businessman Mr Moustafa (Hisham Taalat Moustafa). In July 2008 it was said that Mr Moustafa had paid to Mr Sukkari (Mohsen El-Sukkari) AS 2 million to killed Ms Suzzane Tamim at one of his hotel. Both then trialed and were convicted to death sentence despite of swearing to God that he (Mr Sukkari) did not kill her. Her throat was slit in Dubai Hotel.

Its sad...

In March 2010,both of them granted retrial as ordered from the court due to legal error.
Suzzane Tamim aged 30 married twice born in Beirut Lebanon later moved to London then Dubai before having a relationship with Mr Moustafa.The second husband filed multiple lawsuit against her causing her to kept quite for a while until her murder story came out.

After the second trial Mr Moustafa was sentenced to 15 years and Mr Sukkari to life in prison.

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