Saturday, March 10, 2012

The sequence from visit to Batang Ai resort

I have pain on my right side of thigh. Usually i have pain left thigh and knee due to my back problems. I just ignore it thinking it might be due to a lots of climbing the stairs.
Then the pain gets worst spread to the leg. After sitting position, its really painful when i want to get up. My gait getting worse, i walked like an old women post hip surgery. 

Then i told my husband. He asked me to go for a massage.
Then i realized i got this just after i am coming back from Batang Ai which is a jungle place of nowhere with a resort in the middle. Probably ada 'terkena' something.
Wise thinking, i remembered i did not go anywhere except inside the resort itself. Just a small little walk to the jetty thru the well built path.

Working in medical field does not mean i do not believe such thing. So my husband himself 'ubatkan' saya. It really painful at certain area of my thigh. Malay says ' tarik and lepas dekat hujung kaki" with some prayes. 
Immediately i felt relieved and the pain is no more. I can immediately get up without any pain or support.
So no need for x ray or MRI!

This is the path that i walk thru during that evening alone with the rain 'renyai-renyai'


  1. assalammualaikum..alhamdulillah.
    ..seram ooo..kembang buluroma tengok lorong ni..

  2. Walaikumsalam. Alhamdullilah. Next time ken a baca doa dulu. Hari tu tak ingat langsung.