Sunday, March 4, 2012


This time i have a opportunity to go to Longhouse Batang Ai Sarawak. It is managed by Hilton.
Its took about 6 hours to reach the resort from Kuching. We stop at Serian for breakfast and drinks at Sri Aman. 275 km form Kuching.Its really a long journey. Up to Serian, the road is good, then after that, not so good. Reaching a jetty at Batang Ai, we took a boat for 20 min. Its free if you already book a hotel from Hilton. Just 20 minutes.
 Do report to a representative at the Hilton jetty staff. Just make sure the timing of the boat, so that you don't have to wait too long at the jetty.

  at the jetty..see the boat is waiting

 view from the Hilton jetty. They have a clean toilet.

 the boat schedule

  arrive at the jetty of the resort

you have to walk up there with your beg.Then a small cap is waiting to pick up you luggage up there to lobby. Only the have to walk on your on. If you have an OA knee...nasiblah

 Lobby..the cab that carry your bag

Lobby..once you reach lobby, somebody is waiting for your free cold juice.

Lobby from below

billyboard at the lobby

 view surrounding the resort

 The hotel made of long lasting wood. The pillars is from Belian type of wood

  the corridor at lobby from the side

 open air breakfast area

 This is where i stay...the door of long house
 named Ulu Ai 5

At the side of longhouse

inside the long house. on the right side is the rooms. On the left side is the window and doors connected to the open corridor. At magrib area, there are birds/kelawar is flying. PIcture not so clear because i took using blackberry. I did not bring the Nikon. No place in the bag any more

rooms ...look cozy. Made up of wood. Has hotwater, electric catle.Fan and air-cond available. 

 not so clear the picture

 Planning to wait till dawn...tired 

 front lobby.

the room is cheap about RM 168 for government servant including breakfast.
However you have to add somemore for dinner which cost about Rm 65++ ( RM 75)
If you are just stay in the hotel, must add some more for lunch.
Total....banyak jugak

However, the dinner is sooooooo good especially the BBQ.
They have 2 types of dinner, BBQ dinner and international dinner which serve on alternate day
The BBQ includes beef, lamb, fish
The international dinner has a lot of salad, raw veggie and of course spagetti.
They also has rice

Hilton in Kuching is a well know has a variety of food which is so tasteful. So does the resort.

The daily activity can be filled up with jungle tracking which you have to pay another extra from RM 10 - RM 150 per person. 

At night, i was hoping to hear multiple sound of animal...but i did not. Its just so quite. mosquito!

If you are a good eater...please bring some junkfood or dry food. There is no shop to buy here other then their cafetaria. The cafetaria is closed after 10.

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